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Kari Lich EVS summit

On 13th of July I participated in EVS meeting for coordinators and volunteers from all around the world called “Color of Pomegranates, Armenia 2017”.

Venue of the meeting was quite extraordinary – we’ve met in one of the highest places in whole Armenia – Kari lake, very close to the peak of Aragats mountain. 

The main goal of the meeting was discussing intercultural experiences of volunteer projects and evaluation of quality elements of EVS. We’ve shared our thoughts, experiences and ideas in very relaxed atmosphere by the lake.

Coordinators from various different countries were interested in volunteers experience so that they could tailor the projects more to their needs and not overlook some of the more common problems.

The better share our points of views we were divided into small groups in which we could discuss main topics of the summit. At the end of the meeting we shared our discoveries and things we’ve learned from one another.

The whole trip concluded with a short hike to the “fortress in the clouds” – Amberd, on the slope of the Aragats mountain and intercultural evening with jazz music in Yerevan.

Such meetings are really important for the quality of EVS projects since they allow for intercultural and very open relationship between coordinators and volunteers from which everyone benefits.


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