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Business English at GLOBAL AM

During my EVS project I was given opportunity by my hosting organization Youth Studies Institute to teach business English to employees at GLOBAL AM company.

The reason why English language is becoming more and more important is that in 21st century we live in a truly global society, where communication with almost every part of the world is possible. Worldwide spread of English as the language of international business has made it more important than ever for people working with clients, partners and colleagues from other countries to understand each other and maintain productive and healthy work relationships.

Effective internal and external communication is essential to the success of any business, but professionals who need to communicate with each other as non-native English speakers can greatly benefit from learning Business English.

My business English lessons focused on particular vocabulary, topics and skills that are applicable to the workplace and enable employees to communicate accurately while simultaneously enhancing General English skills as well.

I’m very glad that I was given this sort of opportunity during my volunteer service and I was than happy to create my own learning course of Business English that was designed around particular language needs.

It proved to be demanding task but the overall appreciation of the group made it worth the effort.

Mateusz Kaczmarek


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