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The second week in the International Workcamp in the SOS-Kids village in Abovyan (28.06. – 12.07.)

The second week and the workcamp in general passed very quickly unfortunately. In the second week we were visiting Yerevan all together. Although I have seen the city obviously uncountable times, I still could experience new things.  I went for the first time to the amazing Sergei Parajanov Museum and I realized that the Ponchik in Gyumri is way much better than the supposed best Ponchik in Yerevan.

We went to Ejmiatsin and Zvartnots as well, it was very enjoyable but also very hot.

For the rest of the time we were continuing our work with painting and at the end of the week we managed to paint the windows and the wood facade of one house completely.

The highlight for the children was the concert performance that we were showing in the end of the work camp. The story was about a boy who is searching for the sun after it disappeared in Armenia. He is searching after it in Spain, Switzerland and Germany by traveling with a hot air balloon. In every country the children were having a performance to represent the country. In Germany for example some children were dancing a Bavarian dance and later they were throwing candies in the audience for the carnival. But every child in each country was replying that they do not have his sun, only theirs.

Later he realized that the sun of Armenia was always with him, on his hot air balloon.

Lastly the volunteers of the work camp were dancing the Armenian National dance and children from the kindergarten were singing.

At the end of the work camp we organized a small party for the children with many candies and ice-cream.


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