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One week in the International Workcamp in the SOS-Kids village in Abovyan (28.06. – 12.07.)

Since one week I am already in a Summer camp which is organised by the HUJ-Organisation. We are staying in the SOS- Kids village in Abovyan, where around 60 children till the age of 14 years live. Everyone of them is staying with 8-11 other children in an house with their so called „SOS-Mum“.

The activities of our days are quite various. In the morning we are always working, mainly renovating and cleaning the village which means for example cutting the branches, painting the walls, wooden scaffoldings and the shatters. Afterwards in the afternoon we are playing several games with the children, we also try to play German games with them.

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Because we are volunteers from Armenia, Spain, Germany and Switzerland, we try to share our cultures with the others. That’s why every nationality has one special day to represent their country with cooking national dishes, playing famous songs and teaching several words in their language. With two other German volunteers I was representing Germany on one day. We tried to fulfil the stereotypes of German people completely: planning every detail, being always on time, having lunch almost only of sausages, eating a lot of sauerkraut and potatoes. The Armenians and the other international volunteers enjoyed the day and some Armenians even were also very on time.

Despite our work in the Camp we make some excursions as well and we learn more about Armenian culture.

My other highlights of the first week were definitely how to make the traditional Tholma with Grape leaves, watching a butchering of a sheep next to the Geghard Monastery and swimming in the Sevan Lake. Of course the typical Armenian Chorovats next to Sevan Lake shouldn’t be forgotten to mention.

Nicole Schmidt


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